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    Since 1912 the Ideal Palace of Postman Cheval has gone through time thanks to the Three Giants protecting it and the famous stumbling block that inspired the postman’s dream.
    One morning the stone disappeared mysteriously. Upset, the Giants set off at dawn to find it. Without the giants’ protection and the stumbling block, the stone that was the beginning of the structure, the palace was at risk of collapsing.

    6, rue André Malraux
    26390 Hauterives

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    Duration : 1H30
    Height difference : meters
    Distance : 2.8 Km


    A letter has come down through generations in the postman’s family: on the envelope it reads : “Only open in case of the giants fleeing” Help Alice, the descendant of the postman, to resolve the riddle and rise to the challenge of saving the palace.


    All year round.


    Free access.