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    Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace…


    With his rural background and lack of any artistic reference. Ferdinand Cheval is considered to be the worldwide precursor of art brut, resembling Gaudi, with his baroque madness, and also Dali in his fancy eccentricity.

    Admired by surrealists such as Picasso or Niki de Saint Phalle, he built an utterly imaginative palace to make his dream come true.

    One Day, on one of his rounds, in april 1879, the postman Ferdinand Cheval aged 43 stumbled upon a stone so strange it awakened a fantasy.
    A genuine self-made-man, he gave 33 years of his life to building, alone, his dream palace in his garden, inspired by nature, postcards and some of the first illustrated magazines he delivered.
    A work of art registered as a “Historical Monument” by Malraux (Minister of culture) in 1969. A place not to be missed without a doubt !

    In the heart of a lush garden, a palace, only one of its kind in the world, will delight young and old alike.