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    The must sees in Porte de DrômArdèche… Valley of the pear

    Classified « site remarquable du gôut » (remarkable place for  taste) Porte de DrômArdèche is the capital of the pear.  « Site remarquable »  means   bringing  together heritage, know-how and the  region itself,  all revolving  round one emblematic product.

    An ancestral culture :

    La Valloire is the cradle of pear production in  Drôme since the 19th century. Over a period of 200 years pear trees replaced little by little vineyards and pastures. Fruit farmers specialised in different trellis techniques which have now become part of the landscape.






    Top-up with  vitamins for well-being

    A thirst-quenching and refreshing fruit, the pear has a well-balanced composition.

    It is also full of vitamins,  minerals and oligo-elements. It contains vitamins A, B and C as well as provitamins and fibres.  Its energy input remains moderate : 50 calories per 100g.

    A local know-how :

    In the following villages in northern Drôme  : Anneyron, Epinouze, Lens-Lestang, Manthes, Moras-en-Valloire and St Sorlin discover numerous local experts who show  the pear at its best using  their unique know-how with  brandies, juices and sweet and savoury recipes.

    – Taste the  « all pear » menu à Auberge de la Valloire in Epinouze